Failure to follow these instructions, and in particular in the case of improper
usage by impact or shock, unauthorized intrusion into the unit, as well as fire,
water and other elemental damage will void the warranty. the warranty will also
not cover damages or scratches resulting to the surface of the product.
The warranty is subject to the statutory provisions and is for 12 months. Any
defects must be reported immediately to Modern Innovations®. Within a period
of ten days after receipt of the goods the customer has to register the product
using the delivery note or invoice.

Modern Innovations® warranty on watch winders covers material and
manufacturing defects, but excludes the glass pane, gloss coating and batteries,
as well as damage caused by improper usage such as water damage, lack of
care, acci-dents, normal wear and increased noise, as well as for any consequential
loss caused by the malfunctioning or failure of the product.
The human factors such as disassembling by non-professionals are not covered
by the warranty.

※If a defect is discovered, please contact Modern Innovations® first. Once it
is analyzed by the customer service that the product needs to be returned for
maintenance, the customer can return the product to the shop or a designated
maintenance shop.

※These warranty clauses’ right for final explanation belongs to Modern Innovations®.

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