Modern Winders

Established in 2017, Modern Winders headquarters is in the city of Vancouver B.C, Canada. Modern Winder’s line of watch winders embody elegance and ferocity, made for trendsetters that want to showcase their precious watch collection in an eye catching display.

Our winders are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every Component is designed, developed and produced in-house to the most exacting standards. Great attention to detail has been taken during the manufacturing process of each winder. The Piano Black finish has many multiple layers of high gloss Lacquer applied to it by hand, which gives our winders a highly reflective finish. All the hardware is in highly polished rose gold plating.

Modern Winders “Legacy collection” line of winders has been designed for storing and rewinding all automatic watches; vintage and new. Our winders can guarantee a set number of rotations per day as opposed to daily operation duration. You can set the programme for a cycle of any rotation per day in each direction (CW, CCW, CW+CCW) according to your watches factory requirements you can choose from 1-8640 TPD this means you can wind any automatic watch.

Our winders have a TPT (turns per time) feature. This feature is designed and programmed in all of our winders. It provides additional safety for winding your watch by letting you choose the settings. You can set the number of turns the winder will make before pausing for a set period of time thus avoiding excess wear and tear of the main spring. This feature also protects the winder motor and extends its service life.

The Modern Winder TPI program is designed to replicate your wrist movement by pausing and turning through out your watches TPD settings. We recommend choosing TPI settings from 2-10.Modern winders use a super silent motor. Our watch holder has a spring loaded cuff design which locks into place so that your watches are securely attached. Our winders can accommodate oversized and heavier watches up to 52 mm wide and each watch holder can hold max weight of 500g. The top storage compartment has highly polished rose gold plated metal inlays for the watches and the quad winder has a crocodile leather travel case. Single watch winders are powered by both AC power adapter and batteries.