Top 5 Smartphone Camera Accessories For Beginners

Top 5 Smartphone Camera Accessories For Beginners

Many of today’s smartphone users utilize their phones as their primary cameras. Even businesses are using smartphones are their main method of capturing content - think TikToks and Instagram Reels! If you are hoping to replace the traditional camera with your smartphone, we recommend adding some smartphone photography accessories to your repertoire. These accessories can help you achieve much better results, especially as you embark on those much needed Summer vacations. Here is a list of our top smartphone photography accessories that we recommend investing in.

Top 5 Smartphone Camera Accessories For Beginners

1. Smartphone Gimbal

Although action cameras are one of the best professional cameras around, you can’t just get the best out of it using your bare hands or a simple normal handheld stick. The shakes and vibrations that would accompany recording a high motion video would literally destroy your content. That is why you need to have a Handheld Gimbal to accomplish your mission in the smoothest way possible.

Our X-Cam gimbal has a convenient, portable and folding design which is easy to take in and out of your bag or pocket. It is designed best for devices less than 5 inches in length. It has a 2-axis stabilization system that will eliminate TILT and ROLL the direction of sloshing. It also has an adjusted up or down so that you don't miss one single view.

Shop our X-Cam Gimbal here!


Smartphone Tripod

A tripod is one of the first smartphone photography accessories you buy when getting into this art. It is a simple tool that doesn’t need to cost much but will offer many shooting benefits.

A tripod can be used for long exposure photography when the shutter speed is slowed down. This technique can create light trails, smooth out fluids, and better expose images without increasing the ISO (which affects photo quality). Using a tripod can also reduce motion blur or shaky videos. It helps to have the camera static when learning composition, giving you more time and freedom to frame a scene properly.

One of our favourites is the 42" EVERESTA 360 degrees flexible smartphone tripod. It's robust and lightweight and great for capturing the moments you don't want to forget.

Shop the EVERESTA Smartphone Tripod here.

Smartphone Lenses

Smartphones are becoming more versatile thanks to the implementation of multiple cameras and lenses. While these help, they don’t come close to what you can do with these larger, external lenses. Not to mention, these lenses can usually be attached to a wide variety of devices, giving you more freedom of choice when it comes to smartphones.

Clip-on lenses come in handy when your smartphone’s built-in glass is too limited. These smartphone photography accessories offer higher focal lengthszoom capabilitiesmacro focusing distance, fisheye effects, and wide-angle perspectives.

There are many lenses for smartphones, but some of our favorites come from Moment.


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Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

These are cheap and useful smartphone photography accessories. Smartphones get dirty and oily, including the camera glass. This results in blurry or smudgy photos, so make sure to keep the lens glass clean with a microfiber cleaning cloth — using your shirt isn’t a good idea. We like this Nikon one because it comes in a little bag that’s easy to carry and attach to other items, such as backpacks.

Shop Nikon's Microfibre Cleaning Cloth here.

Hidden Camera Spy Hat

This one isn't so much for smartphones, but for those outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts who don't wish to walk around with a go-pro strapped to their chest or head. Our hidden camera Spy Hat is perfect for capturing those adrenaline fuelled moments and looking cool doing it too!

It's key features include:

  • Video recorder
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • VIEW using WIFI via an app
  • Resolution: 1080P

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