The Weird & Wonderful: CES 2023 Gadget Recap

The Weird & Wonderful: CES 2023 Gadget Recap

CES is back! After an all-digital event in 2021 and a cautious in-person show last year, CES is back to normal in 2023. Now in its 56th year, CES still managed to bring plenty of innovation to the table. We've rounded up a few of our favourite tech gadgets and products from the trade show across a variety of different categories. Check them out below! 👇

The Weird & Wonderful: CES 2023 Gadget Recap

Best Health & Wellness Gadget

Withings U-Scan

Withings is a brand well known for its health and fitness tracking tech, including smartwatches, smart bathroom scales, and even smart thermometers, but at CES 2023 it debuted one of the most peculiar health gadgets we’ve seen to date. The Withings U-Scan is the first gadget you actually need to drop in the toilet, as it’s designed to make health assessments by analyzing a user’s urine. It can even differentiate between different people based on their stream.

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withings u scan CES 2023

Best Office Product

Acer thinks its eKinekt BD 3

It can be hard to find ways to stay active when working from home without a commute or having to run around an office all day. Acer thinks its eKinekt BD 3 is a clever solution to that problem with a compact desk perched atop a comfortable exercise bike allowing users to pedal and feel the burn throughout the work day.

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exercise bike desk ACER

Best Concept Car

BMW i Vision Dee Concept Car

BMW stole the show at CES 2022 with its BMW iX Flow concept car that was wrapped in flexible black and white electronic ink panels allowing the vehicle to change color and even display ever-changing patterns and custom design elements on its exterior. For 2023, BMW has followed up with the i Vision Dee concept, with “Dee” being short for “Digital Emotional Experience.”

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Best Health & Wellness Gadget

Nose Metal Motion Pillow

Nose Metal works similarly to the way a smartphone or smartwatch tracks snoring. There’s a subtle box you put next to the bed on your nightstand to listen to figure out your sleep habits. As it listens, it tells the pillow you’re laying on how to adjust so to increase airflow to your nose and throat. 

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Best Sounds Gadget

Razer Leviathan V2 Pro Desktop Soundbar

The Razer’s new Leviathan V2 Pro desktop soundbar promises to be a genuine replacement for multiple speakers positioned around a room. It uses a combination of clever beamforming tricks, manipulating the sounds coming from its multiple front-firing drivers so they instead seem to be coming from around the room, and an infrared camera that tracks the location of a user’s head in real-time and adjusts where the beamforming tricks are directed.

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Best Sleep Gadget

Best Car Gadget

Bosch RideCare Dashcam

Bosch’s RideCare looks like a standard windshield-mounted dashcam, and works like one too, capturing footage of the road ahead so a driver has video proof in the event of an accident they didn’t cause. But the RideCare includes a second camera capturing the interior of the vehicle too, along with a discreet, wireless panic button a driver can install anywhere and press to activate an emergency call to a Bosch-run call center staffed with operators who have access to a live feed from inside the vehicle so they can assess the situation and contact emergency services if the driver is unable to do so themselves.

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Best Outdoor Gadget

Bird Buddy Smart Hummingbird Feeder

This year at CES, Bird Buddy launched its Smart Hummingbird Feeder. Like the previous iteration, a built-in AI-powered camera snaps adorable shots of hummingbirds as they snack on food outside your home, but it can also identify 350 hummingbird species according to the brand (and over 1,000 bird species). This smart bird feeder sends notifications straight to your phone when you have a new or repeat visitor.

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