Product of the Month: Smart Self-Following Suitcase

Product of the Month: Smart Self-Following Suitcase

Trying to navigate through busy airports while wheeling around luggage can be tricky at times and inconvenient which is why we recommend purchasing an autonomous auto-following suitcase this year. Perfect for future vacations and business trips!

External USB port: Charge your phone and tablet

"The removable 12000mAh lithium-ion battery complying with airline boarding requirements is able to charge your mobile phone, Pad and other electronics."

Our smart electric suitcase will follow you wherever you go. The appearance is fashionable, and it is easy and effortless don’t have to pull your luggage around. It has fingerprint unlocking system & USB external charging port. This breaks through the traditional luggage restraint adding more functional elements & automatic follow-ups.

The intelligent app lets you control the suitcase via smartphone or wristband. The suitcase will adjust its speed automatically according to the walking speed of the user. The wrist band provided will vibrate and alarm when its distance is over 3 meters from the user.

Innovative style of opening and closing

"90 degree side open, easy to takeout your belongings and save your time."

The luggage complies with international standards and is allowed to be carried onto the cabin of the airplane. The suitcase is secure intelligent and convenient. It takes only two seconds to read the fingerprint and unlock. It can collect and store 5 fingerprints which is enough for the whole family to use.

Mode switch as you wish

"One button to switch :auto-follow mode to tow mode When using the normal tow mode ,the motor will draw up, protecting the motor and make it easy to tow the luggage."

Power on the wristband to lower down the motor and activate the following mode, power off the suitcase to raise up the motor and deactivate the following mode, which effectively protects its motor life. Independent suspension system used on the drive wheel to perform better when passing obstacles.

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