5 Must-Have Travel Gadgets

5 Must-Have Travel Gadgets

Whether you are planning a business trip this month or a perhaps a family Christmas vacation, working out what to pack — and more importantly, what to leave behind — is a major hassle, whether you’re gone for a week or a year. Tech, in particular, is a problem as it’s fragile, expensive, and tempting to thieves, plus a lot of gadgets don’t work very well once you are on the road. It is important to learn what the top travel gadgets are this year that will help ensure you have a smooth trip.



Ever get tired of lugging your ‘too heavy’ suitcase from terminal to terminal every time you visit the airport? How about letting your luggage carry you instead?

This travel suitcase, is the perfect travel gadget because it comes with a built-in scooter! This ridable suitcase lets you zoom through the airport while resting your legs. It is equipped with a saddle and three large wheels that allows riders to ride it. The battery is replaceable which not only facilitates the disassembly and replacement but also effectively upgrades the battery life. The non-slip wheels with special treads and excellent grip performance make it possible to overcome various road conditions while riding. Top speed is 10km/hr. The next time you travel instead of lugging around a heavy suitcase, let your luggage do the work of carrying you around.

• Powerful motor
• Telescopic handle
• Removable lithium battery
• USB ports to power up your other electronic devices
• Switch between suitcase mode and scooter mode easily

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Does anyone else suffer with unpredictable weather conditions? Particularly on important business trips? No longer fear the rain or pack extra clothes on your trip away, instead pick up a a piece of tech making our top travel gadgets list this year: The portable clothes dryer.

This portable clothes dryer is convenient to carry and easy to use. It supports self-dry function to nurse your clothes whenever you need. By hot hair or cold air and anion modes, it offers an optional choice for meeting your actual needs. This electric drying machine is good for drying clothes, underwear, trousers, and shoes etc. You will find it really practical! Equip with 2 clothespins, it is convenient to use anywhere from underwear to jackets. Suitable for travel and outdoor use.

  • 30mins – 3hours drying time depending on the item
  • Convenient to carry, suitable for travel and outdoor use.
  •  Set regular clothing care functions, including moisture proof, mold proof, moth-proofing, sterilization, and resistance smelling.
  • Adopt ceramic heating tablets (PTC) heating technology moderate heat dissipation, low power and good thermal effect.
  • Safety protection: built-in microcomputer protection, 3 hours automatic switch cold and hot air
  • Protection against overheating temperature control system
  • Using high-temperature resistant flame retardant materials
  • Can hold up to 5KGS

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Is you next vacation a road trip? Never get lost (unless you want to) and make it a smooth ride with the Heads Up Display: one of our top travel gadgets of 2018

HUD mobile navigation bracket exploits the hardened organic glass to prevent scratches and project navigation information onto the panel using optical reflection. When placed on the center console, drivers don’t need to move to see the information because it will not block sight, meaning drivers can pay more attention to the road and road conditions.


  • Display helps drivers navigate more accurately, which improves driving safety.
  • Shockproof – the base is fixed with 3m glue that assures that it will not fall in the worst conditions.
  • Easy installation.
  • GPS Navigation HUD Image Reflector can reflect GPS HUD image clearly in your sight, letting you see navigation clearly without lowering your head, bringing safety, convenience and joy to your driving.
  • Tape on the bottom of foot is highly bonding, sticking snugly to your dashboard.

For more information or to purchase, click here


Surplus wires and your phone running out of charge – two of the most annoying things to have to deal with right? Address both these issues with just one purchase:

The SurgeDisk Wireless Charger uses a soft light that will let you sleep peacefully — we don’t use the intensive stimulation of the red, or green LED light of similar products on the market.

The SurgeDisk OTG1.0 is a elegant wireless charger as well as 2000 mAh portable power bank. This means you can unplug the wireless charger when you leave your home and have extra power for your mobile devices on the go.

To find out if it’s compatible with your phone or for more info, click here


Sick of having shaky videos that ruin a perfect travel memory? never have to worry about this again with the convenient X-Cam Gimbal. A portable folding design that is easy to take in or out from your bag or pocket. Designed best for devices <5 inches. Cool shape, white and sleek. This accessory will make you popular with your friends.


  • Stabilized: 2-axis stabilization system can eliminate TILT and ROLL the direction of the sloshing.
  • Adjustable angle up or down: Adjustable angle can easily footage and never ignore any amazing views of blind angle.

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