Top Products To Help With Your Productivity

Top Products To Help With Your Productivity

Top Products To Help With Your Productivity

Since March of 2020, many of us have had to say goodbye to the office and work from home instead.

While the idea of working from home sounds great, in reality it’s actually really difficult, especially with so many distractions around like the snacks, Netflix etc. So we have put together a list of our favourite electronic gadgets to help you with your productivity, especially working from home.

Check out our top productivity gadgets below!

Get To Where You Are Going… Faster

Smart Electric Suitcase Scooter

Finally a 2-1 product for all your travel needs – a travel suitcase that comes with a built-in scooter. Our ridable suitcase lets you zoom through the airport while resting your legs and will get you to where you are going much FASTER. It is equipped with a saddle and three large wheels that allows riders to ride it. The battery is replaceable which not only facilitates the disassembly and replacement but also effectively upgrades the battery life. The non-slip wheels with special treads and excellent grip performance make it possible to overcome various road conditions while riding. Top speed is 10km/hr. The next time you travel instead of lugging around a heavy suitcase, let your luggage do the work of carrying you around.

Shop our Smart Electric Suitcase Scooter here.

Never Miss Any Important Information Again!

Wifi Spy Pen With Hidden Camera

When you think of a spy pen, your first inclination might be to think of James Bond. And, to be fair, there are plenty of “espionage” jobs that might require a spy pen. A good private detective, or even a police detective, might want to carry one. But there are also a number of more mundane reasons you might want a spy pen. Let’s say you’re a student. You want to record lectures, but you’re self-conscious about using a visible tape recorder. A spy pen is a great solution to your problem! The same also applies in the business world, where you may want to record a seminar or presentation. Spy pens can also be used for recording interviews. Job interviews can make any applicant nervous, and a visible recorder may increase their anxiety. A discreet spy pen can help you keep interviews straight without intimidating your applicants.

Our Wireless Spy Pen Camera provides full covert recording anywhere from your home, meeting, interview, evidence recording, outdoor or business. You can record both photos and video.

Shop our Wifi Spy Pen here.

Clean Your Home Without Lifting A Finger

Wifi Robot Vacuum

Robotic vacuums have built-in sensors that can detect what areas of your home need extra work, and they’ll make extra passes over the area. High traffic areas like hallways, entryways, mudrooms, and playrooms will get the extra attention they need to keep them clean. Not only will you spend less time pushing a regular floor vacuum around, you will not have to worry about the strain that comes with vacuuming. You will be able to go about usual your day-to-day activities while your robotic helper will handle the vacuuming, keeping everything cleaner than ever. There simply won’t be enough time for dirt and debris to build up, and you’ll never worry about how your floors look to unexpected guests.

Our Modern Innovation’s robotic vacuum is the modern way to a cleaner house. With a Wi-FI connection you can schedule cleaning anywhere using the App. Smart move technology lets the vacuum navigate around corners, furniture, and clutter with ease.

Shop our Robot Vacuum here.

Dry Your Clothes In A Pinch

Portable Clothes Dryer

The first and most obvious benefit of a portable dryer is size. The small appliance footprint makes it suitable for cramped apartments, and the portability makes it convenient for hotels, cabins and RVs. It’s even useful for people who often move and prefer to bring their dryer along to a new home. In all these situations, a portable dryer eliminates trips to a laundromat or communal laundry facility.

Besides saving space, some portable dryers save energy. “Some portable dryers work by spinning, instead of heat,” says Romano. “While this won’t dry as well, it may keep your apartment temperature lower and use less electricity.”

Other benefits include fewer wrinkles with hanger-style dryers, as well as no need for professional dryer installation. Plus, a portable dryer takes less time and space than a traditional clothesline or drying rack.

Our portable clothes dryer is convenient to carry and easy to use. It supports self-dry function to nurse your clothes whenever you need. By hot hair or cold air and anion modes, it offers an optional choice for meeting your actual needs. This electric drying machine is good for drying clothes, underwear, trousers, and shoes etc. You will find it really practical! Equip with 2 clothespins, it is convenient to use anywhere from underwear to jackets. 

Shop our Portable Clothes dryer here.


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